When Exercising, Don’t Skip Warm up, Stretching, and Cool Down

Exercise is vital for physical and mental health. It benefits our lives in many ways but the CDC estimates that more than 75% of Americans don’t get enough. Are you starting up again after surgery, illness, or injury or an always on-the-move fitness buff? Either way, stretching, warming up, and cooling down are the most important parts of your routine. Skipping these steps could result in damage that requires orthopedic care down the road. Orthopedists at Pacific Surgical Center offer minimally invasive, outpatient surgery for many musculoskeletal injuries. These typically include issues with bone, muscle, joint, cartilage, and ligament. They also help with arthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries, and ongoing pain. Treatment can address the feet, ankles, shoulder, leg, knee, hand, […]

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