Exceptional Multispecialty Surgical Care at an Affordable Cost

Pacific Surgical Center (PSC) is a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery facility in Longview, Washington. We are the only ambulatory surgery center in the area that handles orthopedic, gastrointestinal, podiatric and general surgical procedures.

At PSC, our mission is to provide exceptional surgical care… with greater convenience and a more affordable cost.

The advantages of outpatient surgical care at PSC

At Pacific Surgical Center, we offer a very attractive alternative to hospital-based surgery, eliminating common concerns most people have. Your experience will involve exceptional care with easier access, more privacy, less paperwork, greater comfort and less stress than if your procedure were performed at a hospital.

Our physicians use the most advanced surgical equipment and technology available. This ensures that your procedure will be fast, comfortable and minimally invasive;  and it also
will require less recovery time than a surgical procedure performed using older methods
and instruments.

Making it easy, convenient and efficient for you

We provide you with the surgical care you need, without requiring multiple office visits, copays and wait times. That’s because we offer truly comprehensive treatment across six different medical disciplines… all in one convenient location.

Patients undergoing a surgical procedure here can have their pre-surgical lab work done at a local lab.

MRI scans conducted at Pacific Imaging Center, which is located in our 40,000-square-foot facility.

Our transparent pricing model eliminates surprises

Surgical treatment for medical issues affecting your life should not be put off because it is prohibitively expensive.  You have the right to know what affordable surgical care is available to you. At PSC, we believe in total transparency… and that our patients are best informed and empowered by knowing the true cost of their care up front. For more information regarding transparency pricing contact us at 360-442-7913.

Trust patient-first care and attention

We provide you with the highest level of personalized attention and we’re totally focused on your individual needs. We customize our surgical care to be the most effective and appropriate for you, and then deliver it with compassion and dedication to help ensure you get the very best surgical outcomes.

All of our physicians are handpicked — the best of the best. Each is a local community member committed to the people they treat. Unlike many other area healthcare facilities, PSC’s turnover is virtually nonexistent, as most physicians have been with us for a decade or more.

  • Less cost
  • Less hassle
  • Less waiting
  • Less worry
  • More comfort
  • More personalized attention
  • More privacy
  • More efficiency

For exceptional care and treatment for outpatient medical procedures, call the multidisciplinary specialists who combine leading-edge care with genuine compassion and dedication. Call PSC today at 360.442.7900 to schedule an appointment.